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Chiwai Chan, D.O.

Dr. Chiwai Chan serves as the medical director of Pain Medicine Specialty Group. He completed medical education at Western University of Health Sciences. He was a surgical resident and prepared to be a surgical oncologist. However, with a strong passion in musculoskeletal medicine, he decided to commit in a career in pain medicine. He completed his residency at Stanford University Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and concluded his pain medicine fellowship at Mayo Clinic.

His extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy and surgical training equipped him with exceptional skills in surgical and minimally invasive interventions. Dr. Chan is widely regarded as one of the best in performing accurate, safe and effective pain management procedures. He frequently provides second opinion and performs the most advanced pain procedures on patients with uncontrolled and complex pain syndromes resulting in dramatic relief of chronic pain. Dr. Chan has successfully implanted more than 300 spinal stimulators and intrathecal pain or Baclofen pumps.

Dr. Chan believes successful patient care is born from collaboration, honest dialogue, and always keeping patients informed about their diagnoses and treatment options. His goal is to improve patients’ health and quality of life using a personalized, ethical and multidisciplinary approach.

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