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Pain Medicine Specialty Group is the comprehensive and premier center for acute and chronic pain management. Our conservative approach is directed to provide the most effective and immediate relief, allowing our patients return to work or resume an active lifestyle. Our personalized treatments are guided by the best pain physicians who put our patients first. We will help you understand your diagnosis and we want our patients be able to actively participate in the treatment decision. We work tirelessly towards minimizing your pain and improving your quality of life.

Areas We Treat

Minimally Invasive procedures

All of our injections and procedures are minimally invasive and safely performed under our experienced providers. We use state-of-the-art technology and techniques. As a result, our patients often experience less pain and quickly able to return to their baseline function after the procedure. If implant therapies are needed, the benefits are significant due to minimal risks of infection, bleeding, scarring and very small incisions.

Obtaining an accurate diagnosis is the hallmark of our practice. Our board certified and fellowship trained physicians went through the most rigorous training from prestigious academic institutions around the country. They combine their years of medical experience, obtain relevant patients' history, precise physical examinations and utilization of imaging studies to diagnose the etiology of complex pain syndromes. Therefore, we are able to offer the most effective treatment plans without any delays. Difficult cases are often being discussed among our providers to get different expert perspectives.

Our physicians aim to benefit our patients by providing the best possible treatments and procedures. We constantly adapt and modify our clinical approaches based on the latest research and clinical guidelines. We will offer the most advanced procedures that are unique in our practice.

We treat all our patients as if they are our families. We understand the physical and psychological impact of chronic pain on our patients. Our physicians and staff are committed to dedicate our time and resources to help patients to minimize their pain and improve function. We strive to provide a positive experience for everyone from the time they call for an appointment to the time they leave our office.

We encourage and always utilize safe, ethical and conservative care. Customized, individualized treatment plans come after we carefully assess the risks and benefits. It does not mean we will hesitate to use aggressive treatments to alleviate pain if we find the condition necessary for such a measure. We do not offer unnecessary treatments/medications if we believe there is a low probability of minimizing pain.

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